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¡Qué Pinteresante!: Leveraging social networking tools in the Language Classroom
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PowerPoint presentation: "¡Qué Pinteresante!: Leveraging social networking tools in the Language Classroom"
AERO+ World Language Standards can be accessed here.

Social Bookmarking (www.diigo.net or www.delicious.com); MisCositas' Diigo library 

  • Web-based collaborative repository of bookmark
  • The ability to save and categorize a personal collection of bookmarks and share them with others. Users may also add bookmarks saved by others to their own collection, as well as to subscribe to the lists of others
  • Use social bookmarking for:
    • Interpretive Communication: Taking notes directly on a webpage and webquests
    • Interpersonal Communication: Asking/ansering questions about text or image
    • Interpersonal and Presentational Communication: Collecting research data in a group and finding new information via social networks

Pinterest (www.pinterest.com); MisCositas' Pinterest boards
  • A virtual “pinboard” of images/videos.
  • Collaborative: import others’ pins, subscribe to favorite “pinners”
  • Annotate pins with information/questions and link to original source
  • Use Pinterest for:
    • Interpretive Communication with Infographics and memes: reading highly contextualized text with images and graphic organizers
    • Cultural Products, Practices and Perspectives with realia and culturally-relevant images
    • Interpersonal and Presentational Communication with Speaking and Writing Prompts: writing or speaking about funny, startling, interesting images as a way of describing, predicting, or telling a story.

SocialBook (https://www.livemargin.com/socialbook/client/landing_page.html)    

  • Fast and easy way to upload texts for sharing with students
  • Students can make in-line comments and highlight text
  • Facebook-like interface
  • Use SocialBook for:
    • Interpretive Communication as students read text and then make deeper meaning by reading each others’ posts and comments
    • Interpersonal Communication via comments and questions on classmates’ posts