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From Sprouts to Blossoms: 
Growing a Chinese Program from the Ground Up

Starting a new Chinese language program in the K-12 setting can be challenging, but there are many online resources that can help in the process. Below are some of the organizations and materials that helped our schools to establish an exciting and thriving Mandarin Chinese program. We will add to this list regularly as we find more resources. Good luck!

Topics and Links

  • Heritage students
    • Heritage Languages Journal - click on Volume 4 for an issue on Chinese heritage learners; "Heritage Language Learners in the Chinese Language Classroom: Home Background" article 
    • Book review: Teaching Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Heritage Language Students: Curriculum Needs, Materials and Assessments - this is a book review, but the article includes a lot of excellent information on the topic
    • An article on Advanced Placement & heritage learners
  • Fun for Kids! 
    • Test your level of Chinese proficiency by taking a 40-question multiple choice online quiz and Chinese4Kids
    • Connect to the popular Nick Jr. TV show: "Ni Hao, Kai-Lan" - printables, games, how-to videos, etc.
    • See your Chinese name! Enter your name, birthdate and other information and your name will appear in Chinese characters. FUN!
    • A safe virtual world in Chinese (also in Arabic, English, Japanese, Spanish): Sesame Workshop's Panwapa